About the Mentor

Sara Waqar

Founder, CEO & Head Trading Coach

Sara Waqar is a financial entrepreneur, proprietary trader, fund manager and mentor, specializing in trading spot currency and CFD Futures over commodities and equity indices. She has a 10 year academic background and Master degrees in both Economics & Finance, holds the National Commodity Futures License (Series 3), and Retail Foreign Exchange License (Series 34), of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, USA, and has a firm grip on technical and fundamental mechanisms of price determination, especially in a global setting. Sara works with a number of acclaimed brokerages, fund management firms and banks.
Over time, Sara has devised and applied a unique trading method with very consistent profits and a limited drawdown, with the major aim of preserving the original capital. The method relies on minimal leverage, and can be applied to any investment amount. Returns generated are not dependent on any particular broking condition, such as the need for instant execution, slippage in order fulfillment, or varying levels of leverage.

The method is qualitative rather than quantitative, relying much more on strict risk management and behavioral finance principles of emotional intelligence and competence, and less on speculative price prediction using conventional technical & fundamental techniques. It hinges on the development of sound intuitive skills, is practiced upon discretionary yet disciplined interpretation of the ever changing market conditions, and cannot be automated or coded as a mathematical algorithm.
Sara is also a financial writer, blogger and public speaker who believes that the real reason why people fail to meet their trading goals is due to the failure to maintain and regulating emotions appropriately when trading. She writes extensively on the role of emotions in trading, and believes that long-term and consistent trading is a result of one’s emotions harnessed correctly to meet the demands of the trading strategy.

Sara is based in Dubai, UAE
Email: sara@tradeinpeace.com
Whatsapp: 00971 508732286